Coverage, or use rate is really what you need to focus on when you look at costs.

The concept of coverage can be difficult to explain at times. With Edible Glitter, Coverage is one of the main selling points. The key point for any sprinkle or topping is how many units you can cover with a pound of products. For example how many cupcakes, snacks, cookies or donuts can I cover with one pound of the topping? That’s how you calculate costs. You know how much the topping or sprinkle costs per pound and how far that will goes as far as decorating your products.

One of the first things we need to do with a new customer is to determine how much glitter they will need to order. If they normally purchase Jimmies or traditional sprinkles, they find then need much less glitter to top the same amount of product.

The price per pound for Edible Glitter™ is higher than the price per pound of jimmies, however the cost of Edible Glitter™ in terms of use-rate or coverage is dramatically lower

An example of how much more value you can get with Edible Glitter™ is to compare how many of a particular type of product—in this case, cupcakes can be decorated with a similar cost of topping. In the table below see how much further $.01, $1, $1,000, and $10,000 of glitter will go. After examining the table read on to see how we came to this conclusion.

Cost (based on Bulk prices for 9 or more cartons) Sprinkle (Jimmies) Coverage Edible Glitter Coverage
$.01 3 cupcakes 6 cupcakes
$1 300 cupcakes 600 cupcakes
$1,000 300,000 cupcakes 600,000 cupcakes
$10,000 3,000,000 cupcakes 6,000,000 cupcakes

In the picture below you will see two weigh boats, each contains 227 mg (or 0.000500449lb) of sprinkles. The cup on the left has Jimmies in it, and the one on the right has Edible Glitter. They both weigh the same. You can tell that there is more product in the cup with the Glitter. That is because Edible Glitter is a thin, lightweight flake. Think of a pound of rocks verse a pound of feathers.


227mg of jimmies vs. 227mg of Edible Glitter™

Equal Weights

This next picture shows the contents of the two weigh boats out on sheets of 8.5” x 11” or Letter Sized copy paper. Now you can see coverage. The 227 mg of Edible Glitter can easily cover the sheet of paper. If this was a white cake measuring 8.5” x 11” you can see that you could decorate that size cake with 227 mg of Edible Glitter. The 227 mg of Jimmies on the other hand when placed on the same size (letter size) sheet of paper measuring 8.5” x 11” is not going as far to cover the sheet of paper. The Jimmies only cover a small space in the center of the sheet. The sprinkles on both sheets of paper weigh the same. The Sprinkles on both pieces of paper weigh the same, each piece of paper has 227 mg of sprinkles on it.


227mg of jimmies - enough to cover less than one cupcake vs 227mg of Edible Glitter™ enough to cover 6 cupcakes

The picture below shows the same concept demonstrated above, but with cupcakes. This time we again started with 227 mg of Jimmies and 227 mg of Edible Glitter. The first cupcake has a few jimmies on it, that all 227 mg of sprinkles on one cupcake and it did not even cover one cupcake will. With the 227 mg of Edible Glitter, we decorated 6 cupcakes of the same size.


227mg of jimmies vs. 227mg of Edible Glitter™ comparison on cupcakes

Since milligrams are not what most of us are used to working in, we can also look at that same scenario in pounds. We used 227 mg to decorate 6 cupcakes. That means each cupcake used 37.83 mg of Edible Glitter as a topping. That means you can decorate about 12,000 cupcakes with one pound of Edible Glitter. The cupcakes we used were 3” at the top. See picture below.

cupcake-w-measuring-tape With one pound of Jimmies and one pound of Edible Glitter, you can get dramatically different results.

With one pound of Jimmies, you can make 2,000 cupcakes that look like this. We feel this cupcake is not as fully decorated as the ones below. We are considering it a partially decorated cupcake. We do another comparison below with more comparable cupcakes.





With one pound of Edible Glitter, you can make 12,000 cupcakes that look like this.

One last comparison for this section. Here are two cupcakes. Both are equally decorated. Both have the same visual appeal. The cupcake on the left has Jimmies, and the Jimmies on this cupcake weigh about one gram. The cupcake on the right was decorated with 37.83 mg of Edible Glitter. Both look equally decorated. But the Jimmies on the left weigh more than 26 times as much as the Edible Glitter on the right. So in this example, we achieved 26 times the coverage with Edible Glitter compared to Jimmies. We normally use the rule of thumb of 20 times the coverage. We suggest to new customers that they use a 1:20 ratio as a good starting point to determine how much glitter they need. They start by taking the number of pounds of Jimmies they buy now, then divide that by 20 to determine how many pounds of Edible Glitter they will need.


Coverage or use rate is really what you need to focus on when you look at costs. That is because the costs of your topping per unit are really what effects the bottom line. How much it costs for the decorating topping on your product. It is not the price per pound that will determine this. The Price per pound for Edible Glitter is higher than the price per pound of Jimmies. However, the cost of Edible Glitter regarding use rate or coverage is dramatically lower. Switching to Edible Glitter from Jimmies will reduce your cost significantly and save money. The amount you spend on toppings will decrease dramatically if you switch from Jimmies to Edible Glitter.

You can see additional benefits of switching from Jimmies to Edible Glitter on our benefits page. For example, you can free up warehouse space, reduce freight costs and more.