Edible Glitter™ For
Large Bakeries, Food, and Beverage Manufacturers

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Do You Buy 6,000 Pounds or More of Sprinkles?

If so we can save you 30% or more!

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What is Edible Glitter™?

Edible Glitter™ flakes are toppings, inclusions, and color change systems.

They are pure sparkle and magic.

They come in a wide variety of colors depending on your application.

Still Using Sprinkles?

Save Money With Edible Glitter™

Better Coverage Per Pound

Decorate 3 cupcakes with sprinkles vs. 6 cupcakes with Edible Glitter™

Improve Nutritional Profile

No Sugar and No PHO's

Lower Freight Costs

Ship fewer pallets

Save Warehouse Space

1 pallet of Edible Glitter™ = 6 pallets of sprinkles

100% Edible

All of the products in the Edible Glitter™ product line are truly 100% edible. This differentiates our products from others on the market today that are “non-toxic” and yet have to carry a disclaimer that they are not a food product. Unlike other glitter products, Watson’s Edible Glitter™ is a food product.

All ingredients comply with U.S.P., N.F., or F.C.C. Specifications.

Wide Range of Colors Available

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